Technology Assists the Unreachable

#‎inaflash‬ Might be the last night of Brain Injury Awareness Month, but unfortunately not the last night for Brain Injury. See how technology has helped & can be adapted to impact many who were given up on. Wednesday NITE!

7pm Pac/10pm Est. ‪#‎braininjuryradio‬ Click the link below to listen, Skype, or call 424-243-9540. Same link for both live show & after, for On Demand playback. Click link below for more details!!

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2 Responses to Technology Assists the Unreachable

  1. MJ Butler says:

    Hi Kim. It was so good to talk and collaborate with you tonight! I look forward to being on a show. That would be Excellent! My email listed above is not valid. It was my way of saying send me a message on google plus. The person whose post I joined in on you with was Joel W Robinson from March 22, 2016 when he was saying he may not remember to tune in for the show. Will I hear from you on google plus?

  2. MJ Butler says:

    I’m trying to participate but my facebook acct has been blocked for over a year.I don’t know what to press on the phone to participate. Help?

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