Peachy story with a fellow survivor!

Join us Wednesday Nite at 7pm Pac/10pm EST for a Peachy story with a fellow survivor!

You can access show by clicking link below or dialing 424-243-9540, or toll free 855-473-3711 in USA & 202-559-7907 Toll Free outside USA. You can also Skype in. The link can also be used after the live show, for On Demand listening at your leisure!

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  1. Colette says:

    Hello Kim
    I am so glad that you have this radio show and address many sources of other’s trauma survival stories. It took almost two years to be able to cope and listen.This month is the first time I could handle listening to other brain injury stories. At this time, my experience listening on brain injury radio, has been a very good support for me. It makes me happy to realize I am not alone. As you know after trauma… life changes. I experienced a big change with my relationships. No one seemed to get it. Being in isolation other than hanging out with ‘professionals’ and ‘treatment providers’. The radio show is now an interest for me. Thank you for your position on this radio show, I appreciate your confidence, truth and sharing… I am very interested in recovering and learning what recovery looks like. Interacting with others and how I see myself once again participating with others in a natural setting. A new identity…a new me.
    Warm regards,

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