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A piercing pain suddenly shot through Kim’s brain, like a bolt of lightning snapping and tracing through the sky. An ordinary day was instantly transformed into a fight for survival. Within days, she underwent aggressive, brain surgery. Her doctor’s initial misdiagnosis led to her speech and comprehension being severely compromised, before she lost consciousness. From the depths of a coma, Kim entered a near death experience, awaking to find her life profoundly changed. Facing mortality, changes in her body, mind and spirit were thrust upon her without warning. Her courageous fight to overcome unconventional obstacles is intimately shared in this compelling story.

In a Flash: Miracles Here and Beyond offers Kim’s personal account of her battle to survive a ruptured brain aneurysm, the presentation of a near death experience, and the miracles that ensued. In a Flash is a powerful story of survival, challenges of faith, and divine orchestration. Kim artfully describes a journey where the tenants of science and spirituality collide, resulting in a dynamic union.

What others are saying about In A Flash: Miracles Here and Beyond

“In a Flash: Miracles Here & Beyond is a highly recommended book with a remarkable near-death experience… and much more. This easy to read book chronicles an inspiring story of triumph over incredible adversity. Kim Justus’ courageously open and intimate sharing is an inspiration to live our lives fully, and her near-death experience teaches us that life after death is a reality.”
Jeffrey Long, M.D.
Author of NY Times Bestseller Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences

“In a Flash” describes a brain aneurysm survivor’s brush with death and the process of recovery, to which anyone going through a devastating illness or accident could relate. The author learns that “tomorrow is not always an option” and has a new sense of urgency to discover all the possibilities life has to offer. She tells the story of her path to self-discovery, purpose and meaning after facing mortality. As she recounts her struggles, “faith and hope help her deal with fear and doubt.” This book is very helpful for anyone who has wondered about life and death or has faced a near-death situation.”
Ginny Comstock Tocci
Brain Aneurysm Foundation, Boston, MA

“This memoir by Kim Justus is a fascinating journey. The surgeon rarely sees the life of such a patient as she encounters it in the long term, let alone understands the feelings and experiences from her standpoint during the peri-operative period. The reader will thoroughly enjoy her story as have I.”
John L. Fox, M.D.
Author of Intracranial Aneurysms and Atlas of Neurosurgical Anatomy

“What started as a record of unusual occurrences surrounding the emotional upheaval of brain surgery, a near-death experience, and ‘divine intervention,’ Kim Justus presents a moving personal journey to recovery and understanding life’s mysteries that everyone should read, today, before it is too late.”
David Martin
Editor of Fine Lines, a quarterly journal for creative writers – www.finelines.org

“Kim Justus’ life’s journey is punctuated with choices and opportunities and she has made those that define the beauty of the human spirit. In her “recovery” she has discovered the strength that is the reward of caring and the joy that is the gift that comes from giving. Her remarkable story of courage, persistence and faith are testament to the unwavering hope we have for a brighter and better future; here and in the beyond.”
John Mollison, Boys Town Class of 1964
Senior Advisor for Alumni Matters, Boys Town, Nebraska

“A compelling, sometimes chilling account of a woman’s dark journey beyond ordinary human experience – and her inspiring return.”
James Clemon
Retired Senior Editor
Omaha World-Herald

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