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When James Larkin Smith contacted me about an interview for his radio program, I didn’t even know that Internet Radio existed. He told me that his show has 14,000 listeners, he had read my book, and really wanted to help me promote my story. That interview is found on this site under “Interviews.” Thanks James. 🙂

Soon after, I Googled “Internet Radio” and discover Blog Talk Radio (BTR). I was fascinated at the many program selections available! Not all of those are anything you’d want to partake in, due to what I would deem as questionable content. Many of the others though, are informative, entertaining, and just plain fun! I started calling in to tag my book to the various pockets of listeners, and before long I was being contacted about interviews on several of the programs.This whole concept intrigued me.

Adding fuel to the fire was the substantial amount of email, that I receive daily from people who have read my book. There seems to be distinct groups I am hearing from. Some are from fellow brain aneurysm survivors or people who have suffered traumatic brain injuries. Folks suffering from other serious medical issues wrote, because they could relate to the process I went through. Another group are those interested in near death experiences, or what happens when we die. More wrote asking questions or comments about a wider range of applications to the term “recovery” and “miracles.”

I looked up the “rules” of how to get “your own radio show” on BTR. I found out that for 30 minute shows, you can do them at no cost. The next step up is a two hour program at a monthly charge. What the heck? I decided to try an experimental half hour show. I know a lot of interesting people, and I was curious to see if I could do it. When your home becomes your studio, it’s important to find a quiet time to broadcast. For me, that is the night owl slot. By 10pm central, my husband is sleeping, the four dogs are tapped for the day, and Petey Bird is in her “sleepy sock” for the night. That time is as quiet as our house gets. I have now recorded several of my own rather clumsy, but informative shows as I learn the system. There are many causes related to recovery that I feel strongly about. The show gives me a learning curve, and helps promote a variety of worthy causes and topics. The beauty of it, is that all shows are archived on the site, so if you miss a live broadcast, you can go back anytime to hear programs that you find of interest. Each week on Thursday night at 10pm, I have been conducting interviews with great people. As we continue this over the next couple of months, I will be deciding about perhaps making the two hour program commitment near fall. That show would become a “community” of listeners, interested in recovery themed topics. There will be a call in feature and more musical selections. Check the tab here called “Recovery Now.” That will give you the links to programming. Since the whole idea was formed as an offshoot of my book: In a Flash…Miracles Here and Beyond, it seemed a nice extension to call the radio show: In a Flash Recovery Now.

After listening, if you are interested in this type of show, you will see a green button at the top left of the program page that says “Follow.” If you hit that button, you will be sent an email before each show airs as a reminder. It also lets me know of the interest generated. If you would like to be a guest, or have a story idea, please contact me here under the “Contact the Author” tab. I appreciate your ideas and participation. 🙂

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  1. Jennifer Stokley says:

    Ami, wow, such a story, thank you for sharing with us all, and you have such a spirit of happiness and determination that I so love and admire! You were wonderful on the show!!! Great Job!

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