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We are happy to announce the launch of my new book In a Flash: Miracles Here and Beyond in time for the holidays!

Having now arrived as an official Indie Author, I chose not to go the traditional publishing route. I already waited so many years to write my story, that when I felt “called” to share the details in a more public forum, I wasn’t prepared to take the slow train getting there. My profound thanks to the many people who helped me reach my objective. Without you, I couldn’t have gotten the job done with the many challenges that were presented. Who knew?

In a Flash… is a memoir about my brain aneurysm, near death experience, and the miracles surrounding the events. It’s a story of survival through a medical crisis, with a tangible spiritual component. You will see many miracles (or striking coincidences if you prefer) outlined in my story.

Congress voted to recognize September as National Aneurysm Awareness Month, shortly after I began writing this book…In September!  🙂  A portion of the book proceeds will go to organizations dealing with brain aneurysms, traumatic brain injury and other neurological impairments.

I look forward to future discussions on the many talking points covered in the text. A list of questions will be provided for use in book clubs in a future post or by request.

If you have an Amazon account, hope you will write a review, regardless of where you purchase the book. Remember to click the Facebook “Like” button on this Homepage. Your feedback and support is greatly appreciated.




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